5 reasons you should visit Sint Maarten / Saint Martin

With so many Caribbean islands to choose from for your next tropical retreat, you may be wondering why you should visit Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin.

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is a small and beautiful island of only 37 sq km (14 sqm) located in the Caribbean. All-in-all it is a very popular vacation spot, with numerous daily flights to and from the US as well as Europe.

The island is located about 200 miles east of Puerto Rico, and sits just South of Anguilla and North of Saint Barts. It has the particularity of being divided in two parts: Saint Martin, the French side, and Sint Maarten, the Dutch side.

So, what makes this island so special and why should you visit Sint Maarten?


1. Beaches Galore

Despite its small size, the island counts no less than 37 beaches! Even more so, the waters are crystal clear, some of the clearest you will ever see. Mullet Bay has a strong reputation for being beautiful, and so does Happy Bay. You can find a full listing of all 37 beaches with detailed descriptions in our Beach post here.

2. Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean

The island has the reputation of being the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean, and to this day, it lives up to its reputation. Amazing restaurants abound and with more than 300 to choose from, you’ve got your work cut out. Hopefully our post about our favorite restaurants on the island will help you pick a few.

3. Two cultures in one travel

A true tale of two nations: the island is a unique vibrant melting pot, with a dual heritage. Actually, St Martin is the smallest island in the world that is divided into two nations and both sides have a different feel. While the Dutch side of the island is more developed and geared towards tourism, the French side feels sleepier and more natural. Bottom line, when you visit this island, you actually get to experience two cultures (if not more!).

4. Daily Trips to Saint barts and Anguilla

The island of Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin is so close to Anguilla, but also to Saint Barts. It will only take you a 25-minutes boat ride to reach Anguilla and 30 minute boat ride to get to Saint Barts. Both island have such a different feel from Sint Maarten and definite a visit!

5. Family-Friendly

Sint Maarten/ Saint martin has so much to offer to all travelers, but also more specifically to families. There are so many activities available, that you kids will never get bored. Also, there’s a beach for everyone, including quiet beaches for younger children, such as Grand Case and Anse Marcel, but also busier ones for bigger kids, such as famous Orient Beach. For a more detailed overview of Kid friendly activities and beaches, have a look here and here.

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